It’s not uncommon to find us on Saturday morning walking to our nearby health food store to pick up some refreshing young coconuts to drink. Something about drinking coconut water straight from the coconut just makes it taste better. We’ve always kept the coconuts and spooned out the coconut meat to eat plain, which is really delicious if you haven’t tried that yet.

As a way to change it up we thought we would make a simple smoothie, adding a ripe mango and some lime juice, thinking it would be really refreshing on a hot day. To our surprise, after we blended up the coconut meat, mango, and lime, we removed the lid to our blender and discovered that we had created a thick mousse that tasted like a fruity yogurt. Now, every time we pick up coconuts, we look forward to making this. You can eat this for an afternoon snack, but we’ve been really loving this in the morning for breakfast, topping it with granola.

Ready in 10 minutes, Serves 2 people

2 fresh young coconuts
1 ripe mango
1 lime

1. Spoon out coconut meat from both young coconuts and add to blender
2. Peel and slice mango, to remove the pit, and add to blender
3. Squeeze juice from whole lime into blender
4. Blend all of the ingredients on high for 30 seconds until smooth and serve into bowls with the toppings of your choice – we love to add granola!

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