This ebook is my way of sharing with you an insight into my lifestyle – my favorite recipes and self care practices, that have helped me become more open, grateful, and ultimately happy. I want this ebook to be a “choose your own journey” type of experience, so don’t feel obligated to try and cook everything or do all the self care practices, just pick and choose the things that resonate with you the most and give them a try to see what you like and what works best for you! I am also sharing with you my self care checklist at the back of the ebook that you can print out. I use it to keep track of my health goals when times get busy.

I titled this ebook Staycation as a way to remind myself that our body is our true home and we have to take good care of where we live. From the foods we eat to how we treat ourselves, it all has a huge impact on our life. Staycation is our guide, our everyday ways that we take care of ourselves and the home we were all born with.

I can’t wait for you to dive into this ebook and make it your own!

With gratitude,


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