I believe in a holistic approach and am a big fan of preventative work. My focus lies in treating the root cause. I’m here to encourage you to learn how to connect to your body and how to take charge of your own health because it’s the most precious thing we’ll ever have and often take for granted!


I have created a 12 Week Health & Nutrition Program to empower you to take back control over your own health. This program is for anyone who is interested in making positive long-lasting lifestyle changes.

I may be able to help you if you:

  • have been diagnosed with PCOS
  • are having irregular periods
  • are struggling with cystic acne
  • are experiencing sugar cravings
  • are having mood swings
  • want/need to lose weight and keep it off longterm
  • your doctor advised you to make lifestyle changes but you are struggling to make them on your own
  • have been wanting to change your lifestyle and wanting to focus on putting yourself and your wellbeing first but been struggling to follow through

Frequently asked questions

Q: What does the 12 Week Health & Nutrition Program focus on? A: My program focuses on nutrition education, gut health, sugar cravings, anti-inflammation, hormonal balancing (if you are struggling with PCOS), symptom relief, stress management and overall long-lasting lifestyle changes. But first and foremost, my program focuses on YOU and your individual goals. At the end of the program I want you to feel in charge of your own health. I don’t focus on labels or fad diets.

Q: How is a session structured? A: At the beginning of the session I will walk through your intake form/ check-in form with you. Next, you can expect questions & conversations about your goals, your wins, your obstacles, the specific area of focus (e.g. nutrition, stress management, etc. -each week we will be focusing on one topic specific to your scenario), behavioral patterns, etc. The goal of each session is to help you untangle limiting beliefs, provide realistic action steps & accountability, and provide guidance on how to best move from your current state to your future self.

Q: Do you offer coaching sessions in person? A: At the moment I’m only offering face-to-face virtual sessions.

Q: How much does the 12 Week Health & Nutrition Program cost? Do you offer different lengths of programs? A: $1200 for 12 weekly 60 minute sessions. I am currently only offering my personalized one-on-one 12 week program.