We are Becci and Spencer, we come from opposite sides of the pond (Germany & USA). Our paths crossed while studying abroad in Manchester, England, where we fell in love. Our journey has taken us around the world and has been filled with incredible experiences. In 2016, we moved to Los Angeles, California where we currently practice Health and Wellness Coaching

What got us excited about health? 

For Becci, focusing on health and nutrition was a way for her to regain control over her body. In her early 20s she decided for herself that she no longer wanted to be on birth control. This wasn’t a decision that came easily, however, after a lot of reflection and research, she knew it was the best for her in the long term. But the transition wasn’t easy. For years, her periods were irregular, happening so infrequently that she could count them on one hand. Although she was happy with her decision to stop using the birth control pill, she was frustrated by her bodies inability to regulate itself. This is when she turned to nutrition and eventually found her way to a  whole food plant-based diet. 

For Spencer, health has always been important. From an early age, he lifted weights as a way to get stronger for sports, and ate a relatively unprocessed diet, that included a lot of meat, as his father is a self-proclaimed grill master. As he phased out of sports after high school, he continued to stay active in the health and wellness space, getting certified as a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditional Association (NSCA-CPT), and through UCLA’s rigorous Fitness Leadership Program. However, it wasn’t until his late-20s that he started to experiment with a plant-based diet and re-examined what health really meant, beyond just physical strength. Health became physical and MENTAL. 

Why do we choose a plant-based lifestyle? 

For us, eating a whole food, planted-based diet has become a lifestyle. When we started, our choice of food was a way to heal ourselves, from Becci’s irregular periods, mood-swings and anxiety to Spencer’s experiences with bloating, skin rashes, and lack of energy and motivation. 

As we progressed through our plant-based experiment, our lives began to open up beyond just fueling our bodies. Through eating plant-based we became more conscious about listening to our body’s needs, accepting ourselves for who we are, letting go of judgement and negativity, and embracing a life full of love, kindness, gratitude, and self-care. It’s been two years into this lifestyle now and we can honestly say that we’ve never been happier.   

Why have we chosen to become coaches? 

Through our own transformation we’ve realized how important it is to have mentors along the way that inspire, motivate, keep you accountable, and above all empower you to take charge of your own health. It’s clear today that our current western lifestyle is failing us as obesity and depression soar, and more and more people are succumbing to chronic lifestyle diseases. The good news is, health and wellness don’t have to be complicated, expensive, or overly time consuming.

With that in mind, it’s our mission here to empower people to seek positive change by prioritizing their health and wellness goals.

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