Eat well. Live happy. Move Naturally.

Each one of these plays a vital role in our overall quality of life and we can’t truly achieve one without the other. From what we put into our mouth, to what comes out of our mouth through the words we speak, and the people and places we come across along our journey. All of these are interconnected and it’s with this holistic approach in mind that we strive for everyday. 

Eat well means that you are making the conscious decision to nourish your body through the foods you consume. Food as medicine is not new by any means, but modern humans have lost the connection to our food and our aim is to help you find that intuitive connection that’s already inside you once again. 

Live happy is similar to eating well in the sense that just as it is important to fill our body’s with nutrient dense, whole foods, we also need to nourish our body with soul food. Soul food to us means finding purpose in your career, incorporating a spiritual practice like meditation, breathing or long walks in nature, cultivating loving and transparent relationships, and finding joy in a physical activity that you can sustain over the course of your life like hiking or yoga. Soul food gives you the energy to approach life with a smile and enough positive energy to face any of life’s obstacles. Inversely, you’re ultimately in control of how you react to any situation. Do you respond with love, gratitude, and kindness, or with hate and negativity? It’s all up to you. With this powerful mindset in place your level of happiness will soar to new heights.

Move Naturally is all about getting back to our human roots, and we do mean roots, the patterns of movements that ground us and form the basis for our interaction with the world. Natural movement begins on the ground with learning how to sit comfortably, like we did as children, and progresses through the following patterns: crawling, squatting, standing, walking, rotation, running, throwing, and pulling. Understanding how to perform these natural movement patterns equips us all to be more human in the following ways: increases strength and flexibility, while decreasing unnecessary joint and back pain.

Thank you for joining us along this journey. 

With gratitude, 

Becci & Spencer